Documenting the Sherbro language and culture of Sierra Leone

Documenting the Sherbro language and culture of Sierra Leone

Language: Sherbro (ISO639-3:bun)
Depositor: Tucker Childs, Jedd Schrock
Location: Sierra Leone
Deposit Id: 0373
ELDP Id: MDP0316
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
The Sherbro language, spoken on Sherbro Island and nearby coastal areas of Sierra Leone, is in rapid decline. Its speakers now number some 20,000 with its domains and functions decreasing. Sherbro speakers increasingly prefer the more widely spoken languages Mende, Krio, and Temne. In a few places, however, the language is used in daily interactions. One is within the Dema Chiefdom on the westernmost edge of the island. It is here the project will locate itself to fully document the language in grounded contexts and partner with the local community and university to produce materials valuable to these and scholarly communities.


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Tucker Childs
Affiliation: Portland State University
Jedd Schrock
Affiliation: Portland State University

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