A discourse-based documentation of San varieties in the Western Sandveld Region (Central district, Botswana)

A discourse-based documentation of San varieties in the Western Sandveld Region (Central district, Botswana)

Language: Tshwa
Depositor: Lee Pratchett
Location: Botswana
Deposit Id: 0398
ELDP Id: IPF0239
Level: Deposit

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The Western Sandveld Region, in Central District, Botswana, is host to several highly endangered and unrelated 'Khoisan' languages spoken by San foragers of the Kalahari. Furthermore, ethnographic references from the 70s suggest completely undiscovered languages may still exist in the region. This project focuses on the documentation and description of Tshwa, a barely described East Kalahari Khoe language of the Khoe-Kwadi family (approx. 900 speakers). The project aims to create a diverse and culturally rich corpus of natural discourse, and a sociolinguistic study to shed light on the linguistic heritage of this part of the Kalahari.

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Tshwa (East Kalahari Khoe) and San language varieties of the Western Sandveld

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Lee Pratchett
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Affiliation: Humboldt University of Berlin

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Data from 2017 September 22 to 2017 September 22
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Elicitation of the Kalahari Basin Area 700 wordlist (credit: Christfried Naumann 2011). Each word is elicited twice in isolation and twice within a sentence frame. The different frames are designed to trigger various different grammatical features.

Recorded on: 2017-07-05

Mame Thakaa talks about the traditional culture of the Kalahari San, in particular the types of plants used to survive

Recorded on: 2017-06-25

A folktale told by Betsha Serowe from Khwee.

Recorded on: 2017-06-25

Tshepo Lebopo of the Zoatco community at Khwee tells a folktale about a young boy and his bull who saves him from being poisoned and builds him a prosperous future.

Recorded on: 2017-06-24

A folktale told by Betsha Serowe from Khwee. In this tale, a mischeavious brother plays tricks on his younger, naive brother and conflict with elephants over water resources.

Recorded on: 2017-06-24

Gabanabotho Moleleka of the Tchoe community at Motsegaletau tells a folktale about how the rabbit tricks the other animals and steals water from them. This is a variation of the story as told by Ranamane Abaye (also in this deposit)

Recorded on: 2017-02-05

Two traditional folktales told by Sedikologa Jaohatsa from Khwee.

Recorded on: 2017-06-24

Recording of a traditional folktale told by Balothang Mothoontsho.

Recorded on: 2017-06-24