Documentation of Minderico

Documentation of Minderico

Language: Minderico
Depositor: Vera Ferreira
Location: Portugal
Deposit Id: 0454
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
Minderico is an endangered language spoken in Minde and Mira de Aire (Portugal) by a community of 150 active speakers but only 24 are fluent speakers. In the community there are also approximately 1000 passive speakers.

Group represented
Minderico speaking community in Minde and Mira de Aire (Portugal).

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Deposit history
The data in deposit was mainly collected between 2008 and 2012 within a DoBeS project funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

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Vera Ferreira
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Affiliation: SOAS University of London

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Data from 2017 August 23 to 2017 August 23
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Maria Alzira Roque Gameiro (MD009) reads aloud the acknowledgement she wrote in Minderico for her Master Thesis on museology.

Recorded on: 2009-09-16

Recorded on: Unspecified

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Recorded on: Unspecified

Article published in Jornal de Minde no. 21 (1956). It is the answer of a reader to someone that is against the use of Minderico, characterizing it as inadequate and worthless. This text was read aloud by MD009 in Museu de Aguarela Roque Gameiro in Minde.

Recorded on: 2009-09-16

Recorded on: Unspecified