Documentation of Nasal: An overlooked Malayo-Polynesian isolate of southwest Sumatra

Documentation of Nasal: An overlooked Malayo-Polynesian isolate of southwest Sumatra

Language: Nasal (ISO639-3: nsy)
Depositor: Bradley McDonnell
Location: Indonesia
Deposit Id: 0468
ELDP Id: SG0472
Level: Deposit

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Nasal is an endangered Malayo-Polynesian isolate spoken by 3,000 speakers in southwest Sumatra. While reference to Nasal first appeared in Dutch colonial documents as early as 1887, the language only received an ISO code in 2008 and is absent from any survey of Austronesian languages in the last century. This overlooked Malayo-Polynesian isolate is quite simply the least documented language of Sumatra and its outer islands. This project represents the first substantial documentation of Nasal, including recordings of elicited word lists and grammatical phenomena as well as everyday conversation. A portion of these recordings are enriched with time-aligned transcriptions and translations and glosses in English and Indonesian. All of these materials were collected in July 2017.

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Bradley McDonnell
Affiliation: University of Hawaii

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The Pear Story was watched by Siratjudin and told to Usman. Siratjudin watched the Pear Story on a laptop, then told the story to Usman who did not watch it. Usman then repeated the story back to Siratjudin after it was told to him by Siratjudin. Bradley McDonnell and Anton Supriyadi were also present at the recording. Bradley McDonnell gave directions on this task in Besemah. The recording took place in Anton Supriyadi's living room. Video recorded on Canon XA-30 with an external NTG2 shotgun microphone, audio recorded in two ways: (i) Tascam DR-60 with an Audio Technica Stereo Microphone and (ii) Marantz PMD-561 with two SM-35 headset microphone. The original audio and vidoe recordings were edited in Adobe Premiere and trimmed slightly so that each recording is exactly the same length of time. Video was exported from Adobe Premiere as an mp4 file (Codecs: H.264, ACC; Dimensions: 1920 × 1080). A web enabled version of the video was created using Handbrake. The mp4 file (Codecs: H.264, ACC; Dimensions: 1920 × 1080) was exported as an web enabled mp4 file (Codecs: H.264, ACC; Dimensions 960 × 540). The two stereo audio recordings were exported as uncompressed wav files (16 bit, 48kHz).

Recorded on: 2017-07-08