Documenting Yopno Diversity: Dialect Variation in a Papuan Language

Documenting Yopno Diversity: Dialect Variation in a Papuan Language

Language: Bonkiman (ISO639-3:bop), Domung (ISO639-3:dev), Yuwong, Yopno (ISO639-3:yut)
Depositor: James Slotta
Location: Papua New Guinea
Deposit Id: 0344
ELDP Id: IPF0202
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This project documents several of the dialects spoken in the Yopno valley, an area of extreme linguistic diversity within one of the most linguistically diverse countries on earth, Papua New Guinea. Although multilingualism and multidialectalism has been an everyday fact of life in these communities, state schooling is drastically reducing local linguistic diversity. Through linguistic elicitation, interviews, and recording of interactional events, the project captures a cross-section of the variation found in a set of neighboring villages where five dialects of Yopno are spoken: Westkokop, Gwa, Ganggalut, Nian, and Wurap.


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Bayu tells a story from Marawong about a young boy upset at his mother who turns into a lake.

Recorded on: 2013-03-10

Keywords: Bayu Bamoke

Rainu talks about his family's historical role as church leaders in Nian village.

Recorded on: 2014-03-07

Keywords: Rainu Bolok

Moreng tells about his first time hunting game in the forrest around Nian.

Recorded on: 2014-02-28

Keywords: Moreng Porak

Koki tells an amusing story about a man going hunting.

Recorded on: 2014-10-24

Keywords: Koki Biam

Koris tells the story of an person who turns into a bird.

Recorded on: 2014-03-14

Keywords: Discourse - Koris Qaqa

Koris finishes the story in yupna_1609.

Recorded on: 2014-03-14

Keywords: Koris Qaqa

Koris tells of a lake that tries to trick people and a man who got away in the nick of time.

Recorded on: 2014-03-10

Keywords: Koris Qaqa

Pastor Tamainare leads a church service at the end of the affirmation of a marriage.

Recorded on: 2014-10-16

Damlap makes an after church announcement about school fees.

Recorded on: 2014-03-09

Announcements after the church service, including introducing the community to me (James Slotta) and a comparison of my work with that of SIL.

Recorded on: 2009-05-21

Keywords: Yopno - Discourse