Documentation of Amazonian Kichwa (Upper Napo)

Documentation of Amazonian Kichwa (Upper Napo)

Language: Upper Napo Kichwa
Depositor: Karolina Grzech
Location: Ecuador
Deposit Id: 0312
Grant id: IGS0166
Funding body: ELDP
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit

Group represented
Kichwa (Upper Napo, Ecuador)

Special characteristics
Transcripts and translations in ELAN.

Deposit contents
  • Interviews and monologues;
  • Elicited discourse;
  • Songs and ceremonies, e.g. weddings;
  • Transcripts and translations into Spanish;
  • Photos of participants and cultural objects.

Deposit history

This project is a part of PhD dissertation fieldwork, supported by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (IGS0166)between 2012-2015. The dissertation resulting from this documentation project focused on evidential/epistemic discourse markers in the language, but the documentation was aimed to encompass as broad a set of linguistic and cultural practices as possible. Most interviews were carried out by native Kichwa researchers, and are therefore monolingual in Kichwa. The topics addressed cover the recent history of the Amazonian Kichwa, folktales, everyday life and ceremonies.

Regarding the language name: Amazonian Kichwa is the group of Quechuan varieties spoken in the Amazonian Lowlands in Ecuador, in the provinces of Napo, Pastaza and Orella. Tena Kichwa, the language name adopted here, is not very exact, as the group whose language I have documented do not live either in the town of Tena, or alongside the Tena river. Nonetheless, this was a language name used previously to describe the group. A more accurate name could be Upper Napo Kichwa (from the upper course of the Napo River, alongside which the language is spoken).

Please cite this resource using the following format: Grzech, Karolina. 2015. Documentation of Amazonian Kichwa. London:SOAS, Endangered Languages Archive. Accessed on DATE.

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Karolina Grzech
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