Cicipu documentation

Cicipu documentation

Language: Cicipu (ISO639-3:awc)
Depositor: Stuart McGill
Location: Nigeria
Deposit Id: 0052
ELDP Id: FTG0102, SG0105
Level: Deposit

Summary of deposit
This corpus contains folktales, riddles, historical narratives, casual conversation, commnetaries on festival videos, interviews, songs, prayers, and sermons. Nine Pear Film narratives are also included. In total there are approximately six hours of interlinearised time-aligned texts are provided in Toolbox/ELAN format. The corpus also contains an accompanying lexicon in Toolbox format, collected from the texts as well as from the SIL Africa Area 1700-item wordlist. A large number of elicitation sessions are also provided (conducted in either Hausa or Cicipu). GPS data of the Cicipu area is included.

Group represented
The Acipu of Kebbi and Niger State, Nigeria

Language information
Called Acipanci in Hausa. Called 'Western Acipa' in Ethnologue 15th edition.

Special characteristics
The deposit includes A. B. Mathews' 'Historical and anthropological report on the Achifawa', an unpublished typewritten manuscript from 1926. There is a physical copy in the National Archives, Kaduna (K2, 068), from which the electronic copy in this corpus was photographed.

Deposit history
The collection was created by Stuart McGill during a PhD project and subsequent postdoctoral fellowship at SOAS. It has since been substantially augmented by native speaker documenters Mohammed Mallam and Markus Yabani.


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Stuart McGill
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Affiliation: SOAS University of London

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Data from 2017 August 16 to 2017 August 16
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